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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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nato planes have reportedly carried out air strikes on at the libyan capital these are the latest pictures of explosions that you can see now clashes between rebels and government forces have again resumed in tripoli as both sides continually claim to have the. also doubts of comes over whether a rebel victory would actually leave the libyan people in control of their destiny as exposed point to egypt where those who fought for the revolution ended up with the government or they did not shoot. even before the fainted steel state rate. beginning as western oil companies start circling around the country concerns resurface for the so-called bulk of the democracy but there was
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a war for black gold all along. it is good to have you with us here on arts he rover sushi welcome to the program how it has reportedly been restored to the libyan capital reports on the situation finally emerging after a five hour blackout explosions seen right here in the latest pictures coming from tripoli nato planes have been heard bombing the city and heavy clashes between the rebels and government forces are reported to be taking place in a central part of tripoli including right around a hospital the casualties are said to be arriving at the facility following the intense overnight fighting earlier the story took a major twist his son made an appearance refusing revel's claims. he had been
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arrested and still no communication with the hotel where the international journalists a station but only on the phone with the independent journalist. and herself. they had to make a. few days that document it crumbling. saying that they are. proud of it with my. current. convoy i'm david. with him right. where they were taken. i read. thousands of people in this. report that. people from tribe. here again. very much in high. government.
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and. i mean. really. i mean. so of course these events. happening here in the capital. and you can log on to our people come from all eyewitness accounts from. journalists staying in central tripoli hotel targeted by i get more information from inside the libyan capital. so far. the fight is not over in tripoli but they're coming up of lives. as of last oil riches the
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biggest in africa is already beginning the italian foreign minister fired the starting gun saying that it will easy and i any oil company will play the number one role in the region and its artie's lower image reports the service won't come cheap for the libyan people. delivered as a promise but seen by many as more of a threat david cameron says nato will stay while libya makes the transition to democracy as allied forces lend support to the rebels to take tripoli to stop the war coalition warns libyans not to expect they're getting something for nothing but western powers don't do this without asking for a paper why is it but the head of it is running off to paris. with the french president well of course that is one very very important issue which is why the western powers tony blair and others struck a deal with in the first place it will be exactly what they're seeking to continue
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. with the t.n.c. to further explore those oil riches the british government makes no secret of the fact that it's motives in supporting the rebels aren't entirely altruistic last year alone the u.k. export it around forty billion dollars of goods and services to north africa and the middle east but it's black gold that's the key libya has the largest oil reserves in africa western powers look at the region they talk about humanitarianism all cannot say that they sink of oil great market says it's impossible not to draw a comparison with iraq he's written a book about the aftermath of the iraq invasion in which he maintains western powers imposed to democracy which played on sectarian divisions that ensured years of tribal struggle but also meant the allies retained control of the oil supply while the u.k. government insists lessons have been learned from iraq where all firms move into
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libya even before the fate of tripoli is sealed the great oil grab is already beginning b.p. has a contentious oil and gas exploration contract in libya which the u.k. government will be anxious to resume italian all giants easy n i. he is the first to send back to libya and he says rose on the knees french state towel and. the well as investors hopes they soon be able to resume production in libya but at what price to the libyan people the great fear is that just as they did in iraq created democracy which serves british interests western interests or oil companies interests and does nothing for the people of libya nor emmett's the. asia times correspondent. as soon as western countries get libyan oil contracts they will want to have boots on the ground to secure. this is the cover story this story from the
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beginning was our two pete responsibility to protect there was a basis for a un resolution one hundred seventy three there was a be that the agreement between the u.s. and saudi arabia we get a result lucian based on your fake arab league called ninety countries out of twenty two and you can do and you want with bahrain or in saudi arabia itself but this was the cover story sold to american in european public opinion especially the chinese the russians me putting brazil for where they're not buying it they not you so you asked me to coordinate our operation without them there will be no victory this will be a still neutral go for ever and we have international community sort of basically atlanticist powers taking sides in a civil war so windy new bit big good pool in four months or needy years on at it ok let's try to pick tripoli in one big and they did it because they blow these are big on the whole city and the way towards the north this reminds me of i was there at a time because lucian provisional authority in iraq in two thousand and three this
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is the same think we're going to have western boots on the ground and we're going to open up. libya for a hardcore nor holds bar to pull capitalism with their requests ration of profits you know what let's get their oil western as we can the best contacts possible or not that this is kukri tweak which if this is the way we don't know yet that us and meet our goals we're going to have we rack two point zero. of course while we go just about opinion on the story we value your input as well but you can have your say on our website r.t. dot com that's where we're asking for opinion on what lies ahead for the country assuming i revel in victory. it seems that many have faith in the future of living but will be left with little more than an oil chest for nato members around a fifth year the country will be torn apart in a power struggle and nothing will change at all that's the view of sixteen percent
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of despite having been a so-called fight for democracy only a minority feel that's what it. make sure you have your say here anytime you like r.t. dot com. cheering crowds in tripoli's green square now renamed martyr's square left many around the world with a feeling of deja vu back in february a gyptian where united and joy and hope for a brighter future when they celebrated the toppling of hosni mubarak now it's the feeling of disappointment that unites them he's going to just go out look so what's ahead for the libyans if the change finally. could that the regime is crumbling. believe the end rebels are cheering. same cheers and tears could be seen in egypt in february as the nation ousted their longtime leader hosni mubarak but six months on many egyptians see their hopes as being crushed by reality.
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you know i love the revolution will it happen i welcome that that look the time we call light of the end of the tunnel we see it's not getting better we have nothing to eat just don't tell me about democracy for hungry people just doesn't matter the egyptians now are not governed by who they chose as their leaders is that it's there or me that's in control the army that has strong ties with the us and is sponsored by washington the military regime that the edifice the institutions. that's where the essence the fundamental essence of the mubarak regime goes remain and we can see that thousands of people have been brought to military trial since the end of the popular revolution that ousted mubarak in tripoli the by taking over is the national transitional council also chosen by the levy in people yet the council is being recognized as the legitimate government of libya by all allies who have been helping oust gadhafi many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign
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powers are effectively making vital choices or that there is too much wealth and geopolitical strategic value to libya to let it only become reformed and democratic rights and universal creation by the citizenry. western powers need to implement a western economic and military agenda and therefore the people who will actually command the political situation in libya and the military situation will indeed be supported and buttressed by western powers western powers have thrown all their support behind the lead in national transitional council giving them billions of dollars and weapons to gain control but the rebels are far from being a united group what is going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is as i said in the beginning this is tried again strive this is not democracy against the power revolutions in egypt and libya developed under different scenarios in egypt it was
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an armed uprising of millions in libya it's been an insurgency flooded with weapons by the west and those weapons are still in their arms and they're not going anywhere and many analysts are saying that we could find themselves in a much worse situation than the egyptians because on top of power crisis similar to the one egyptian libyans could be facing a fresh outbreak of violence at the hands of the mom i'm going to shut down reporter. from washington our team. and i will be bringing you more expert opinions on developments in libya also this hour here if you want to see from fighting. the libyan border where people fear the internal conflict is already spilling into tunisia plus. this post from the office is a problem in the sense of how much people say it was attacked by the groups operating here shortly before. six hundred ninety two is that
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a country which many believe has a following in libya's footsteps our special report on the aftermath of the military operation in the syrian city of hama that's coming up a bit later this hour here on out. fronts plans to hold a high level meeting next week to discuss libya's political future the libyan opposition leader has been invited to attend but he's trying to push the reports from the french. every e.u. state has now declared it wants to take an active role in libya's development while at the same time saying it was the libyan people to decide their own future so it's because they are raising the question what does europe want does it want to continue interfering in libya's affairs or let them democratically decide their own future even poland's foreign minister has said that poland wants to take part that france has really taken the lead president sarkozy will meet the rebel leader mahmoud jibril and wednesday in paris defense minister gerard longer he says that
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they will build a road map for the future all of that country diplomats here are explaining the e.u. and nato see an opportunity now to play a leading role in the future of north africa with america the united states taking a back seat for the moment for political reasons over in washington nato head on this fall grows most and says they will continue with their mission of protecting civilians in libya german leader angela merkel says bethany's money must be secured in the name of the libyan people but it's very unclear who will control that money and how it will be used. he's going to push reporting right there now a british intelligence has reportedly played a key role in the latest push on tripoli by rebels according to a report in the u.k. daily telegraph m i six officers advised the rebels and the strategy behind the operation in a plan a drawn weeks ago but it has more from london. it seems like the british had a bigger hand in all of this and they originally let on the british press today
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reporting that a team of intelligence officials have been operating in the country for some months now people like spies spooks s.a.'s offices giving advice to the rebels that mandate that nato that have been operating under in the country do not have clued ground troops of course so this has been quite a clandestinely off the grid operation and william hague the u.k. foreign secretary was keen to stress that the bison kit that they've been supplying to the rebels has been non-lethal things like night vision goggles body armor and telecommunications equipment and put it emerged last night that they did also have a big hand in coordinating its assault on tripoli it's been in the pipeline for some months now apparently with weapons fighters and communications equipment being snarled the secret weapons dance around tripoli then when the air force pave the way over the weekend bombing strategic communications. belonging to gadhafi
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that paved the way the signal was given and then the assault on tripoli began to surprise the daffy's forces and also downing street last night actually refused to rule out bringing in u.k. troops as peacekeepers should be the transition that they're all talking not descend into anarchy and even got two hundred u.k. troops stationed in cyprus ready to go be deployed to libya at the drop of a hat. right there well it's a discuss the situation in libya and europe's involvement in more detail now joined live from brussels by but i think he's the head of the european a geopolitical for about thank you for joining us today so one of coffee is a science made a surprise appearance despite rebels are trumpeting about his arrest what do you think it was an honest mistake or deliberate feeding a false information just a week. you know i think you know it's quite normal for
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a. political forces to try to spread confusion in these sort of situations we have a very difficult situation with a lot of changes happening on the ground you know by by the minute we've got rebels advancing on tripoli fighting in the suburbs we don't know what areas of tripoli are being held by the rebels we make some assumptions that. you know gadhafi loyalist forces are controlling around about ten to twenty percent of the cities who. would be quite normal through the jet for the confusion let's say. into the situation now i would say both sides could be using this tactic and in fact even. intervention would be slightly playing with the multiple sources here injecting confusion into the ongoing heart of the conflict but what about the blackout because well on monday we had reports about the situation in tripoli
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however conflicting reports kept coming in but after saif al islam overnight appearance we were just a complete information blackout this morning i was triggered by one side in particular who could be behind that it was it was it just me do you think. well it's difficult to say i mean i think certainly the onslaught of western military strikes on nato let's say within strikes strikes could play a role because the infrastructure has been significantly affected by this and that of course includes communications however. you know they could be an element again of trying to facilitate a situation where information is very nontransparent is very difficult to come by from this conflict and that could be a tactic by the gadhafi side because it could be covering let's say a retreat or withdrawal or even a you know forced exile situation through through a third country and of course the rebels also may be trying to. project let's
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say a position of great thought moments on the battlefield which would allow them to grain you know gain the moral high ground in sort of international acclaim when you talk about the moral high ground we see the rebel celebrating in the heart of the libyan capital but the european leaders have already started planning a postcard afy life in jeopardy despite the fact that they haven't actually finished the deal yet i agree that the rebels victory is a done deal at this point. well i think you know the tide has been turning against gadhafi since since maybe june or so since around about you know the early summer. i think the writing is looking as if it's on the wall however i don't think it's a done deal as yet because i think the more interesting aspect about the don beal's he is the type of negotiations that are taking place in the background that are not
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visible from the surface in terms of you know the day after tomorrow like what's going to happen and who's going to play a role in which excuse me which here is a government which state resources are going to go state assets are going to go to which particular tribes in the in the libyan frame where you talk about which which assets go to which particular tribes but let's talk about western and western roles if gadhafi if his regime does fall what do you expect to what extent will europe likely continue its involvement there we've got other saying this is a basically internal tribal warfare between what is a mixed bunch of guys who are going to be running this transitional government but if indeed they do come to power then what role can we can we expect to be continued from those western forces that are at that intervened in the first place. well i think this through aspects of the question first of all western forces will undoubtedly look to go into v. and to assert their let's say influence you know any. let's say
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a governing structure in libya. the question is and that's also because they're providing a lot of aid you know london is unfrozen a lot of assets up around two billion dollars has been made for the libyan transitional national council for of these. so you know this is an umbilical cord of support for a fortnight's a new government but the more interesting question is will believe be in tribes be able to hold together a stable government. stable regime will such a regime be able to emerge in this country because in the has to be a lot of questions asked about whether this is actually possible which we've been employed which can then i suppose give her the western powers the reason to get involved to help them establish some sort of a form of a future government and i'm sorry i missed that but i thought i thought that's all
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we have time for head of the european geo political forum like in brussels many thanks indeed ok right. now fighting in libya is reported to have reached the country's border with tunisia that's where having a gun fire has just been. using army to beef up its presence along the frontier as libyan infiltrators how to allegedly crossed the border course one of every nicholas go is that the spot for us. the violent clashes have been reported along it's unusually been border over the weekend it all started on friday when local resident has reported that near the town of dues reportedly several vehicles with a libyan license plate carrying arms men have been spotted afterwards clashes have been erupting throughout the week in between and it's unusual border patrol and really being men we cannot talk with certainty about the identity now you have to remember that it was in tunisia where the events of the so-called arab spring have started transfer to transpire this year with the ousting of the tunisian president
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and the unrest which started in tunisia has essentially been caught like a fever throughout the middle east and north africa and the result is that what we are seeing in the capital right now now back then in the spring of this year thousands were fleeing from tunisia to europe in order to escape the mayhem which was going on here and now a similar situation is happening to libya but now libyans are fleeing all over the border with tunisia into tunisia and of course what we could be witnessing is yet another human catastrophe in the region with thousands of refugees are trying to escape to me how of course we do not know whether or not those are refugees will try and make their way into europe which built with that crisis and now may be facing another one with the ongoing clashes in libya. just to remind your r.t.o. we've got extensive coverage of the situation in tripoli of course on our website
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dot com head on over for the latest video analysis and opinion you can also get up to the minute news from the region on our twitter page just follow us. on the school. and the continuing fighting between protesters purchases and government forces in syria has come to the u.n. is she one rights council to call for an investigation into alleged. relations there the government crackdown on protesters has been going on for six months now the city of hama has witnessed some of the most severe clashes but a few days ago the army withdrew an r.t.s. maria from his travel to the city to assess the aftermath of the violence. the city of hama around two hundred kilometers north of the capital damascus religiously conservative sunni dominated city it's been one of the century's opelousas tensions here in syria for many years in one thousand nine hundred eighty two during the current president bashar asad spada ruling the city saw a bloody massacre according to amnesty international over ten thousand people were
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killed there in the regime's crackdown on the city's sunni population during this conflict this city has been among the last to join the national uprise in the army were moved into in july drew ten days later i t. is now going there to see how things are on the ground after the army left the city and to try to find out exactly what happened there during the ten day military operation. the way to hama goes through homs a city where activists have been reporting dozens of civilians over the last few months of violence. the closer we get to the more dramatic twist in the river comes checkpoints of here along the highway. at the entrance to hama all the cars. but that's not the only reminder of the recent unrest. rich in the city of hama became infamous after it appeared in amateur video posted on you tube showing the
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baathists thrown to the r.c. river comment accompanying this video sad these were residents of hama killed by security forces while syrian t.v. reported they were policeman. disappointed presidents photo and all military operations against anti-government protesters they've recently been reports about the army still being deployed in several cities across syria including hama. this is what's left from the office is quiet in the center of the city of hama officials say it was attacked by extremists the roads operating here shortly before the armor and the city by. say that. the building on fire and killed at least twenty soldiers who were inside the building at the time of. the only came to remove barricades and behind these barricades there were armed people not peaceful demonstrations and there were clashes between them and the troops. while the governor is sharing his views on what's happened
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a crowd gathers outside his residence there slogan sound natural first. the changes in seconds. what people say gives a completely different picture we live to about our minds and our. bit of this world immigration but after the army disappears we see oh is it about is it fair i think i'll be awful for the cover up for the rest of the thread giving officials though not all responsibility on the people themselves they have the right spots these people just don't want to give the government time to do reforms the reforms cannot go through in such an atmosphere. our journey to hama has been part of the so-called syria is trying to work but no matter what his initial goal was it turned out to be very different from its name written ocean r r t how much syria
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the right of the business is now with your. hello and a very warm welcome to the program continued fighting in libya has surprised some in the market oil prices that edging up again that's something they crop sharply the day before and hopes that a swift and libya's civil war but bring the country's oil exports back to the market however crist's him to surrender from standard and poor's says it will take the country kristie years to get back on top. i think it will take about a full year before production he said its peak lead is currently producing around less than one hundred thousand barrels which is about nine percent of the previous capacity now we understand from any which is the largest producer in the country that so far as they know installations have been hurt but still you cannot just
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turn it on you have to build up the pressure and you have to start gradually so it will probably take a full twelve months before they reach peak. let's have a look at those figures oil prices are climbing up the spines are going to be as we know continues and in anticipation of fall in u.s. crude stockpiles w.h.r. is hovering at eighty five dollars per barrel as you can see our friend plant is at one hundred eight dollars. stocks in europe extending monday's rally truckie overnight gains on broad street and in asia the tax is just under two percent efficiency is a bit behind although there's no special catalyst for buying so traders attribute he may be short because according to some analysts and finally in russia the markets are higher supported by stronger crude. and time to check up on some of the individual show moves in the might six verifying the raised previous. quarter.


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